Lowestoft man says fatherhood is best job in the world

Alex Salmon.It's a Dad's Life

Alex Salmon.It's a Dad's Life - Credit: Archant

I've been reliably informed by my fiancée and mother of my two children that wherever you look there are accounts of what it is like to be a mum.

So when I was asked to give an insight into my life and then let others read it, it filled me with a mixture of bemusement and sheer dread. Would people want to hear my sleep-deprived ramblings and subsidiary to that, would I actually make any sense?

But I like throwing caution to the wind. So here goes.

My name is Alex Salmon, I'm 30, I live in Lowestoft, and I'm a dad. Pure and simple.

I'm losing my hair by the second, I barely sleep and my days are spent trying to fathom out why children's tights were ever invented, and other pressing issues. The days of me going out until the early hours are long gone, I get splattered with food, deal with very unpleasant smells on what seems like an hourly basis and I would love to know why I end up resembling a drowned rat every single bath time.

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All that said, my daughter, four, and my son, one, have completely changed my life. Every day there's a moment that makes me stop and appreciate all I have, even when I have a Brussels sprout hurled at my head.

In short, I love fatherhood – it's the best job in the world.

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But if my boss is reading this; it's not as good as my job as a manager at accountants Stephenson Smart.

I'm based at Beacon Park in Gorleston and have been there since I qualified. I love my job, have some great clients and I look after everything from corporate to personal tax. I guess working with numbers makes me well qualified to be a dad.

I'm very good at calculating the time it takes the kids to listen to what I say and then just completely ignore me.

My musings will continue - if I manage to keep awake...

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