Is this the best Dad joke ever? Bradwell father’s joke goes viral on Twitter

Gareth Hunt, 54, his his grandson. Picture submitted.

Gareth Hunt, 54, his his grandson. Picture submitted. - Credit: Archant

Dad jokes are not known to be the funniest of things but a raisin joke sent by a Bradwell father to his daughter has gone viral on Twitter with it being shared nearly 30,000 times.

Mother-of-one Jess Hunt, 19, decided to share her Dad's, Gareth Hunt, 54, amusing joke with her followers on Twitter. She tweeted: 'My dad has just taken dad jokes to a whole new level.'

She attached a screenshot of the joke sent in a text which read: 'Just been to Tesco and swapped 50 raisins for 100 sultanas. Can't believe the currant exchange rate.'

The tweet has since been re-tweeted 8,400 times and liked more than 21,000 times.

Miss Hunt said: 'I found it funny as it was so stupid and I decided to share it as the world is a bit of a sad place at the moment and I just wanted to give people a reason to laugh but I didn't expect this to happen.'

As well as sharing the tweet other people have come forward with their own dad jokes.

Barry Crossley tweeted: 'Cost me £4 for one Oxo cube today! The stock markets gone crazy.'

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Eskimimi said: 'Tescos? He should have gone to Moreraisins.'

Catherine added: 'He's really raisin the bar.'

Miss Hunt said her Dad was shocked by the response he joke has received and he is now sending her even more gags.

'When I told by dad how many times it had been shared on Twitter he almost didn't believe me,' she said. 'He was quite shocked but also very happy.

'He is always sending me jokes and funny things even when we are sitting right next to each other but now he keeps sending me more and more to try and persuade me to share another one.'

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