‘She lived for her family’ - friends pay tribute to woman who died in tent near Norwich footpath

Kayla Terry. Pic: Norfolk Constabulary.

Kayla Terry. Pic: Norfolk Constabulary. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

The friends of a woman who was found dead in a tent near a popular Norwich footpath have said she has left a hole that will 'never be replaced'.

Kayla Terry, of The Lathes, Norwich was found in a tent on Marriott's Way on January 31 this year.

An inquest, into the death of the 31 year-old has resumed after further investigations were carried out in an attempt to fill in a 'vacuum of evidence' which existed between Ms Terry being reported missing on January 15 and being found dead on January 31.

Giving evidence, detective inspector Matthew Jenkins told the court that he had pursued enquiries as to the whereabouts of two people mentioned in witnesses' evidence, including a 'tall and well built man.'

DI Jenkins said that following enquiries at both a recruitment firm and homeless hostel in the city he had not been able to find the men.

Answering the question of whether or not Ms Terry's body had been moved following her death, DI Jenkins said: 'It would be wrong to conclude that [Ms Terry] was not moved but as far as officers were concerned there was no suggestion that Ms Terry had been moved.'

Concluding the evidence Jacqueline Lake, senior coroner for Norfolk said Ms Terry has died of a drug related death, adding: 'Unfortunately there are many questions that will remain unanswered questions.'

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Recording the date of Ms Terry's death Ms Lake said based on evidence, Ms Terry died soon after taking illicit heroin.

She added that, unusually for her, she had not accessed money put into her bank account and on the balance of probability there was 'strong evidence' that Ms Terry died on January 15, 2018.

Following the inquest Deborah Chedgey, who knew Ms Terry through working with her, said: 'She was a truly amazing and special person. She was constantly trying to overcome her drug addiction to have a future life with her partner and she succeeded to a certain extent.

'All of her solicitors and her pharmacist came to her funeral. People came from residential units, and all the way from Yorkshire, she was a very funny and bolshy person.'

Jomiy Boulter, a friend of Ms Kerry's added: 'She lived for her family and friends and she will be missed. She has left a hole and it won't be filled.'

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