Ideas sought for restoring West Norfolk’s River Nar

River lovers' views are being sought on how best to restore the Nar.

Environment Agency scientists have been working with the Norfolk Rivers Internal Drainage Board and Natural England to develop the plans for the whole of the Nar from its source at Mileham to its outfall 30 miles downstream at King's Lynn.

One of the few remaining rivers in East Anglia which supports a run of rare sea trout, its banks provide a hunting ground for otters.

Its upper reaches resemble a Hampshire chalk stream, with dace, chub and brown trout on its gravel runs.

But its character changes as it winds towards Lynn between typical high floodbanks, towards its outfall into the tidal Ouse near the Boal Quay, once home to the Greenland whaling fleet.

EA technical officer Sue Chambers said: 'The River Nar was given SSSI status in 1992 because of its rare combination of the characteristics of a southern chalk river and those of a fenland river.

'Over the generations there have been many physical changes which have led to the deterioration of the river.

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'The aim of the river restoration strategy is to identify stretches of the Nar where improvements can be made by actions such as making the channel a more natural shape.'

Anyone interested in the River Nar and its importance for fish and as a wildlife habitat is invited to find out more and to share their views for the future of the river, at a special open afternoon in Narborough on Tuesday, November 2.

Mrs Chambers added: 'We would be particularly interested in ideas or opportunities for river restoration, and any factors which might affect or guide the development of river restoration schemes.'

Tony Goodwin, an engineer with the Norfolk Rivers Internal Drainage Board, said: 'The development of the River Restoration Plan for the whole river is an important step towards the development of a dynamic river, without compromising flood protection.'

Staff from the three organisations and consultants, The River Restoration Centre, who have been working on the strategy, will be available to discuss the restoration proposals.

The open session is being held on Tuesday, November 2, from 2 - 6.30pm, at the Narborough Community Centre, Chalk Lane, Narborough.