‘I don’t deserve this’: Cancer stricken gran hits out after vandal attack in Yarmouth

A resident in Wolseley Road has been upset by vandals.

A resident in Wolseley Road has been upset by vandals. - Credit: Liz Coates

A great grandmother says she is worried about leaving her house after vandals knocked over her garden wall.

The damage to Ann Martin's wall.

The damage to Ann Martin's wall. - Credit: Liz Coates

Ann Martin has reported the incident to the police but says she has no-one to help her clear up the mess and is anxious about what could happen next.

The 74-year-old, who has terminal cancer, said she believed youngsters were to blame for the attack in Wolseley Road over the Easter holidays.

And while she doesn't believe she was targeted, she said 'pure devilment' was behind the upsetting incident.

She discovered the damage on Wednesday April 5 when she returned home after a church meeting at around 4pm.

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She said: 'I am not strong enough to lift it and I just thought how nasty of them to do that to an old lady. It is just unforgiveable.

'They must have made a row doing it when they smashed the top of the wall off.

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'I just don't know what they could do next. It's heartbreaking.

'I have just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I really do not know why they did it.

'They are just being silly kids, I think they egg each other on.

'It is so unfair. If they were made aware of it they might think twice. I don't deserve this.'

Mrs Martin, who has seven children, 18 grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren, moved to Great Yarmouth with her husband Charlie 14 years ago.

Most of her family and friends live in the Sussex/Brighton area, her husband's death leaving her on her own.

'It is about making people aware,' she added. 'If my child were involved in something like that, I would want to know. Now I feel worried to leave my house.

'And it is no good me standing there and looking at the mess because I can't do anything about it.'

Robert Connell whose borough council ward includes the street sympathised but said criminal damage to property was rare in the area.

Most of the complaints that came to him involved college students being too loud or dropping rubbish.

If the damage was caused by children they would presumably be local since it took place during the Easter break, he added.

Anyone with information can call Norfolk police via 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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