New webcam offers live views of Hunstanton


Hunstanton's South Prom as seen via its new webcam - Credit: Hunstanton Webcams

A new webcam project means you can take a virtual trip to the seaside without breaching lockdown.

Businessman Glen Piggott has launched Hunstanton Webcams to stream live video from the West Norfolk town.

The first covers the resort’s South Promenade and main beach, with the Lincolnshire coast visible in the distance across The Wash on a clear day.

Mr Piggott, who runs Norfolk Coast Web Design, said: “I noticed on the local Facebook groups how people were sharing their photos of Hunstanton and saying how they wished they could be there but couldn’t because of the lockdown or they have been isolating.

"So I was trying to think of a way that we could bring Hunstanton to them. As a result, Hunstanton Webcams was born”.


Hunstanton Webcams let you visit the town without breaking lockdown - Credit: Chris Bishop

Hunstanton Webcams is a community project involving a number of the town’s businesses and organisations. The equipment and website have been provided by Norfolk Coast Web Design with the Waterside Bar on the seafront hosting the first camera location.

Hunstanton Sailing Club has also included its already established webcam in the project and future camera locations currently in the pipeline include the Princess Theatre beside the Green and Hunstanton Ski Club further down the Prom.

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“With everyone’s mental health being so important right now, if this project can positively help people by getting their ‘Hunstanton fix’, and at the same time promote the town during this staycation period, then that can only be a good thing for everyone,” said Mr Piggott.

sunset hunstanton

Viewers will also be able to enjoy Hunstanton's famed sunsets - Credit: Chris Bishop

Hunstanton businesses are currently preparing for what is predicted to be a busier than normal summer season for the popular West Norfolk resort, once restrictions are lifted, with most people choosing to stay in the UK for their summer holidays this year.

You can view the live webcams by visiting the website at