Human Womble charges withdrawn in Great Yarmouth

Charges have been withdrawn against a 74-year-old man who was accused of sifting through rubbish and strewing it around near Great Yarmouth's seafront.

Dennis Bostock, who is known as the 'Human Womble' for filling his home with rubbish, was due to answer five charges of disturbing black bin bags in a service road between Marine Parade and Apsley Road today..

If Mr Bostock had been convicted Yarmouth Borough Council would have asked for a three-year antisocial behaviour order banning him from interfering with any rubbish in the borough.

Today the five charges were formally withdrawn at Yarmouth Magistrates' Court as Mr Bostock has left the resort and is believed to be living in Southend, Essex.

Because it is believed he will not return to the area, the council believes it is not necessary to take action against him.

Mr Bostock was last seen in Yarmouth on August 18 when he attended the magistrates court wearing a flowery skirt.

He had been living in a bed and breakfast in Apsley Road.

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On that court date Mr Bostock had five convictions for disturbing rubbish set aside as he had not been given a chance of proper representation.

Mr Bostock had been called a 'Human Womble' by the media when he filled his previous home in Blackpool with rubbish.

He had also appeared on the programmes Neighbours from Hell and Life of Grime and was given an antisocial behaviour order in Blackpool in 2007 because he disturbed rubbish.

There has also been complaints from residents of Apsley Road that Mr Bostock had been leaving out mounds of bread to fed pigeons.