Dozens of unclaimed estates in Norfolk – could you inherit a fortune?

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There are several dozen unclaimed estates in Norfolk. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are dozens of unclaimed estates in Norfolk – meaning thousands of pounds which could be inherited is currently going wasted.

The government has a list of all the homes and estates left by people who have died, but which have not been claimed.

HM Treasury looks after those unclaimed assets – usually from the lack of a will or no named next-of-kin – until someone comes forward.

Many have been on the list for years and are deemed "historic" cases, while some are from more recent deaths.

But the government only accepts claims up to 12 years after the administration of the estate, so it's best to move quickly if an estate you think you have a claim to was listed many years ago.

When making a claim, you will be asked to send a family tree showing your relationship and two pieces of identification. Also, you may be asked to send birth, death or marriage certificates. 

There are currently 63 unclaimed estates left behind by people who died in Norfolk, according to the government list.

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Could you be entitled to one of them?

To find out more about making a claim, you can visit the government's website.