How Norwich City fans reacted to the news that Grant Holt has asked for a transfer

Here's how Norwich City fans reacted to the Grant Holt news on twitter.




Absolutely devastated and truly shocked!

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Gutted: people say Arsenal


Sick, that's how I feel!


Freaking gutted at the moment, it's starting to go all wrong


Shocked. Stunned. Numb. And other similar words... #ncfc


I'm staggered. Biggest shock I've known as a City fan. Gut says this is the agent trying to up his money perhaps?


Seriously just give him what he wants! Never thought #ncfc fans would ever have negative memories of him


Possibly searching for a larger wage? Strange one though and very unexpected.




Gutted, but at the same time understandable from the big man, wants to play for a bigger club and earn more money I suspect


Just feels like Norwich are back. Always had to sell to survive, but had nobody worth selling for many years.


Shocked but if he is not happy here, he doesn't have to stay here


Right cheesed off actually. However, he has been so good for us, I'll forgive him anything. #foreverholt


Worried, #Citylegend Anyone know what on earth's going on?! #NCFC #HoltStayPlz!


I don't think he actually wants to leave... Surely not!? Agent fancies a nice cheque maybe?


I can see the appeal for him of one last big contract at a club up north. It's sad, but that's football.


Presume it's family related. If not I feel like we've been stabbed in the back a bit after all the love we have given him


Gutted but it could be his last chance for a big contract elsewhere. He has to think of his young family and future.


In Lambert we trust, what ever happens it's ok as long as Lambert stays. Obviously shocked none the less.


Knocked me for six. Totally gutted if it's true.


Bit strange, he only signed a new contract last summer so guess until we find out his reasons it's hard to comment


If it's true, we would have to understand the reasons first before we criticised, sad news if true as a Norwich fan.


I'd be gutted. Thought Holty loved it here. He's hero, best striker we have had. Come on Grant u can't leave us


Who invented football agents, if that's what's behind this !! ?? True, in Grant's position I'd be hacked off re England


I feel that Holt's actions should be respected whatever he decides to do. If he goes I hope we can get a decent price.


I feel like my girlfriend has cheated on me with Fabian Wilnis.


That's football at the end of the day. He'll always be a hero but next season there will be another one.


Like a dog that's lost it's owner, a baby without its mother, fish without the chips. #LostAndAlone


Gutted. But if he wants away let him go.


Like I'm 15 and just got dumped all over again!! Whatever happens though, the guy is an NCFC legend!


Wait and see. If he genuinely wants to leave the club, let him. If he wants a better deal, see what we can do.


I think its a way for his agent to get him a well deserved pay rise !!


Shocked and stunned! Reaction to the other out goings or no England call up? Does he know something we don't? Other reasons?


Gutted yes, angry no. He's done a lot for us, just sheer disappointment. Nobody is bigger than the club.


Grant Holt has been massive for Norwich and Norwich have been massive for Grant Holt. Marriage made in heaven


Got to think manager is probably out too. I put it down to club wiping debt giving Paul limited funds. Lack of ambition?


Either Holt wants more money or Lambert going to Villa is a key


Transfer request normally means agent has been approached. I suspect Newcastle want him.


Don't quite understand why? Be good to hear from Holty and not SSN!

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