How a simple phone call can help to fix your HR nightmare and build a better workplace

Seeking the advice of an HR Consultant, like Ashton HR Consulting's Lucy Pakes, will help you manage

Seeking the advice of an HR Consultant, like Ashton HR Consulting's Lucy Pakes, will help you manage your business effectively. - Credit: Archant

You may know your industry inside and out but when it comes to HR admin and recruitment, are you like a fish out water? Seeking the advice of a human resources outsource company like Ashtons HR Consulting will help you manage your business efficiently. Senior HR consultant, Lucy Pakes, explains how an outsourcing service will free up your time, solves those pesky business issues and creates a place your staff will want to work.

HR advisors can make sure your managers are properly trained, and given up to date information so th

HR advisors can make sure your managers are properly trained, and given up to date information so they can effectively lead and support their team. Photo by Getty Images/ vladans. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Building the right foundations for your staff

Businesses want to manage employment issues effectively but may not have the tools or knowledge they need.

HR advisory services can make sure your managers are given the proper training and are equipped with the latest knowledge to effectively lead and support their team and create a productive workplace.

An HR advisory service can tell you what strategies to put in place and how to maintain them so your business can continue to succeed and grow.

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Ashtons HR Consulting also runs workshops to train managers and prepare them for their leadership role.

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What is HR?

Human Resources or HR professionals support managers with the employment relationships in a business. They will recruit, train and handle employee contracts, regulations and benefits.

HR support is a must-have to ensure you recruit, manage, develop and retain the people you need to make your business work.

Giving you more time to run your business

Every business needs good staff to function, arranging this can be a lot of work for any company, no matter how big or small. An HR service can help to find them, hire them, and develop them.

Independent businesses may not have the money or need to justify hiring a full-time HR Manager, so outsourcing these services is a good alternative.

"Small business owners may not understand employment law or be experts in HR. An HR consultancy can advise them what they need to know so there are no issues later down the line," said Lucy.

Fair and impartial guidance for all employees

Ashtons HR Consulting can work with you on a one-off basis or in a longer-term arrangement, to help you get set up and working efficiently.

"Even larger businesses with an established HR department can benefit from independent services. We have the legal expertise and connections to handle workplace issues, impartially and dispassionately," said Lucy.

If a grievance or disciplinary allegation arises, an investigation into the matter will need to be conducted.

"If a company is too close to a problem it can make handling the investigation difficult. They can rely on us to produce an unbiased report with clear recommendations to help resolve the situation," said Lucy.

Handling discrimination and mental health care in the workplace

"These can be choppy waters for employers to navigate. Often managers want to help staff members, but don't know how or are nervous about making matters worse and end up doing nothing," Lucy explained.

Ashtons HR Consulting specialises in employment law and works closely with solicitors to supply businesses with the knowledge they need to handle situations appropriately.

"Employers want to understand their obligations to staff members with issues around mental health and discrimination. Receiving up-to-date training can ease this stress for managers so they know what to do," said Lucy.

Ashtons HR Consulting

Whether you're an independent business owner or an HR department that needs a bit of help Ashtons HR Consulting can provide support and advice. They offer a range of services to suit different budgets and will work with you to tailor their services to meet your needs.

Ashtons HR Consulting has offices in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Ipswich and Norwich, so are ideally placed to help any East Anglian businesses.

Visit or call 0333 222 0989 to speak with an advisor and find out how they can help you to focus on improving and growing your business without the worries of resolving HR issues.

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