170 Great Yarmouth homes to save £200 on energy bills

General view of a central heating thermostat.

Households most at risk of fuel poverty in Great Yarmouth are expected to receive grants to improve the heating and insulation in their homes. - Credit: PA

Up to 170 homes across the borough of Great Yarmouth at risk of fuel poverty could see their energy bills reduced by £200.

The government has announced a national grant to upgrade heating and insulation that will be administered in the borough.

Grants from the government's Home Upgrade Grant (HUG)  will pay for energy efficiency measures such as wall and roof insulation as well as new low-carbon heating systems, thermostats and room heating controls.

Funding is expected to be allocated to Great Yarmouth Borough Council to carry out the upgrades before the end of March 2023.

The money will help the most vulnerable households who are on low incomes and living in off-gas grid privately-owned homes – both rented and owner-occupied – with upgrades helping to reduce their bills and make their homes warmer.

Off-gas grid homes are those which rely on heating alternatives such as bottled gas and oil.

Around 1,300 jobs in the green energy sector will be supported across England as a result of this latest funding.