Pair arm themselves with rope and carrots to help lure loose horse from churchyard

Horse on the loose in Swaffham. Picture: JOHNNY GEORGE

Horse on the loose in Swaffham. Picture: JOHNNY GEORGE - Credit: Archant

Residents and commuters passing through Swaffham caught a glimpse of an unusual sight in the town's churchyard.

A small horse, which was believed to have escaped from a nearby field, was spotted wandering among the headstones in the grounds of the St Peter and St Paul Church on Mangate Street, off London Street.

A local man, Johnny George, first reported the loose horse via the Facebook group, Swaffham Community Notice Board, during the morning of Wednesday March 13.

Some residents suggested that it may have escaped from a field off Campingland and were concerned for the animal's welfare in case it made its way to the town centre.

Armed with a lead made from rope and a bag of carrots, a pair of good samaritans arrived to help lure the horse back into a nearby field but thankfully it had already returned by itself and could be seen reunited with the other horses.

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