Hopes community will be in the running to help save coastline

Lorna Bevan-Thompson and Jennifer Pallister along with Zuri the Dog, launch the new Save Hemsby Coat

Lorna Bevan-Thompson and Jennifer Pallister along with Zuri the Dog, launch the new Save Hemsby Coatsline Fun Run to be held in April. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Three years after Hemsby beach was devastated by storms and tidal surges, locals are fighting back.

Or running back, more precisely.

Jennifer Pallister, organiser of the Save Hemsby Coastline fun run, is leading the charge to raise money for the affected community. This will be the third consecutive year she has tried to get the fun run off the ground.

Like the people of Hemsby, she won't be deterred by the failures of the past two years and is determined to use the run to help save the coastline.

'We want to raise as much money and awareness as possible, because obviously you can't beat Mother Nature when these tides and storms keep happening, but we can help with the defences,' she said.

Despite the spread of running groups such as park runs inspiring people to get active, Hemsby has been left behind.

Ms Pallister hopes 2016 is the year that changes.

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'It occurred to me there's no actual local fun run in Hemsby, you have to go to Norwich or there's one in Yarmouth but there's not one that's local, and I knew of a lot of runners in the area,' she said.

In addition to simply raising money to support the affected area, there's another good reason for the run to go ahead this year. Money raised from the Save Hemsby Coastline fun run will go to the Save Hemsby Coastline charity, which was set up by a friend of Ms Pallister following the 2013 storms.

'Lorna Bevan-Thompson set up a charity recently and I thought why not do it for them,' Ms Pallister said.

Entries for the Save Hemsby Coastline fun run close on February 27, with forms available at the Lacon Arms in Hemsby.

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