Historical twist to village bonfire

The old rhyme tells us to Remember, Remember the Fifth of November, and with such an impressive bonfire, villagers in Henstead will have difficulty forgetting the tale of Guy Fawkes and his failed Gunpowder Plot.

It was on November 5, 1605 that Fawkes was found in a cellar underneath the Houses of Parliament keeping watch over barrels of gunpowder which had been set in place to blow up the Houses and King James 1.

Now villagers and schoolchildren in Henstead, between Beccles and Lowestoft, are bringing part of the story of Britain's most notorious traitor back to life with their giant bonfire, which has been carefully built in the shape of the Houses of Parliament.

Made from hundreds of broken pallets and old pieces of wood and trees, the bonfire has windows, a door and even features the iconic Big Ben clock tower.

Sitting proudly on the playing field of the Old School Henstead, the huge structure will be set alight at the village's annual bonfire night party next Friday.

Richard Baxter, a governor at the school, helped to build the impressive bonfire. He said: 'Last year we tried to build a round bonfire out of square pallets, which isn't all that easy, and that was where the idea of creating a different shape came from.

'We thought the Houses of Parliament would be appropriate, and it'll also be a bit more educational for the children who learn about Guy Fawkes at school.'

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The bonfire was built in a day, thanks to heavy machinery borrowed from a neighbouring farm, and will be the centrepiece of the village party.

Chairman of governors Heidi Crick said: 'It has been a tremendous team effort and I'm so impressed by the size of it. It looks brilliant.

'It took the guys a whole day to put it together and the whole village will be involved in Friday's bonfire party, bringing food and hot drinks for people to enjoy. The children absolutely love it.'

The village's bonfire party starts at 7pm and includes the giant bonfire as well as a fireworks display set off in a neighbouring field. Hot drinks, soup and hot dogs will be available. Proceeds from tickets go to the Old School, Henstead. For tickets, telephone the school on 01502 741150.