Pup with ‘squishiest face’ needs specialist treatment on legs

Sadie at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Photo: Submitted

Sadie at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Photo: Submitted - Credit: Archant

Two pups who captured the hearts of their carers are in need of specialist care to help with debilitating conditions.

Butch at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Photo: Submitted

Butch at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Photo: Submitted - Credit: Archant

Sadie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jack Russell cross and Butch, an old time bull dog, are both long standing guests at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich, both need treatment costing thousands.

The sanctuary said it was struggling to find the nearly £4,000 needed to treat the dogs, who would both need to visit a specialist centre in Fakenham.

Sadie has been suffering with luxating patella, meaning her kneecap is not sitting in its normal position.

The condition causes limping and difficulty moving, meaning the pooch struggles to walk long distances.

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Her companion, Butch, also has mobility issues, caused by cruciate ligament disease.

Although he underwent surgery a few years ago the problem has returned, and he is at risk of painful symptoms if left untreated.

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Volunteer Holleigh Melton said both dogs had captured the hearts of those at the sanctuary and that she would love to see them re-homed so they could recover with a loving family.

She said: "They are really lovely dogs. Sadie loves people and cuddles and is easy to get along with. She sleeps all night on the sofa but is ready for a fuss in the morning. Butch has the squishiest face at the sanctuary and he's friendly and a little bit naughty. Someone with experience with dogs would be ideal for him."

Ms Melton said although the priority was always to provide treatment, this was often hard to fund due to the high number of animals in need of care.

In total treating both dogs would cost more than £4,000, and the volunteer said: "It's difficult to find that kind of money and it always costs more when the procedure has to be done by a specialist. Even if people are unable to donate cash we are always in need of things like food and bedding. It all helps."

For more information contact Hillside Animal Sanctuary on 01603 736200.

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