‘Highway impacts have not been properly addressed’ - Fakenham Town Council gives views on bid to bring 950 homes to the town

There are plans to build 950 new homes off Rudham Stile Lane in Fakenham. Pictured is town mayor Geo

There are plans to build 950 new homes off Rudham Stile Lane in Fakenham. Pictured is town mayor George Acheson. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Fresh calls are being made for road improvements to help Fakenham cope with 950 new homes.

Fakenham Town Council has written to North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) urging work to help the town cope with the traffic impact from the homes, to be built on land off Rudham Stile Lane, in the north of Fakenham.

The town council is also urging NNDC to ensure the new community becomes integrated with the town and that improved access is provided for countryside walks.

The 950 homes application, recently submitted to NNDC's planning department, is the biggest housing proposal in north Norfolk.

It has polarised opinions and sparked heated debate. Some welcome the prospect of much-needed new homes and the boost to the economy while others feel it could threaten Fakenham residents' way of life and cause major traffic problems.

If approved, the development could see Fakenham's population increase by 20pc.

Fakenham mayor George Acheson said: 'This development is going to happen. It has been in the development plan for many years and the objectors need to realise that it can't be stopped.

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'All we can do is try to ensure we get the best for Fakenham.'

The town council has sent a report to NNDC as part of its official consultation feedback after gathering views from Fakenham residents.

Mr Acheson said: 'We really need these road improvements and to ensure the people from this new community are encouraged to use the town centre. The road system does not encourage that.'

The town council's report states: 'The council recognises this development has long been part of the Local Development Framework.

'The proposal is for the largest development site in the district and if not properly planned could have significant long term impacts on the town. 'In particular the town council is concerned about the highway impacts of the proposal which do not appear to have been adequately considered and do not ensure the scheme is properly integrated within the town rather than being a separate suburb on its edge.'

The full report can be seen on the Fakenham Town Council website. What do you think? E mail adam.lazzari@archant.co.uk

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