Hethersett man’s car window smashed in roadside attack

A former RAF serviceman has described how he was lucky not to be injured when one of his car windows was smashed by a mystery object in Hethersett.

David Hudson, 51, was driving along Norwich Road when the rear side window on the driver's side of his VW Polo was smashed, showering the back seat with glass.

'It was quite lucky in as much as whoever it was, it was a bad shot. If there had been passengers in the back seat they would have been covered in glass,' he said.

The object smashed the window, but nothing was found in the car, and Mr Hudson, who works for Aviva at Thorpe St Andrew, does not know whether it was fired from a gun or thrown.

The attack happened as he was driving into the village along the B1172 after he had left the Thickthorn roundabout.

He was heading for the village's library in Queen's Road when the window smashed as he was about to turn right at the Queen's Head pub.

Mr Hudson, of Birch Road, who has a daughter Lydia, 17, urged other motorists to be vigilant while driving in the area in case there was a repeat of the attack.

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'My concern is that if it was somebody with young children in the back seat or the elderly, it could have been quite catastrophic. If I wasn't travelling slowly, I could have been hit by the attack.

'It was lucky they had not got their targeting right or they could have hit me, so I thank my lucky stars that whoever it was who did it could not aim properly,' he said.

A police spokesman confirmed police were called to the incident at 5.35pm.

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