Storage space needed for town’s iconic original sign

Dereham town sign postcard

A 1950s postcard showing the original Dereham town sign made in 1954 by Harry Carter and the boys of Swaffham Hamond's Grammar School woodwork classes. - Credit: Dereham Heritage Trust

A Norfolk town’s heritage trust is looking for space to store some of their larger items - including the town’s original 1954 sign. 

“We’re full up, so we badly need more space,” said Dereham Heritage Trust chairman Trevor Ogden at a meeting of the town council, who added that they needed somewhere dry but not necessarily warm.

Part of the original Dereham sign

Part of Dereham's original 1954 town sign, for which storage space is now needed. A very similar fibreglass replacement was crafted for the town's market place in 2004, after the original had begun to show signs of wear and tear. - Credit: Dereham Heritage Trust

“This is so important for Dereham’s history,” said trustee Dr Peter Wade-Martins.

“We want to keep collecting. We’re collecting for you, we’re collecting for the town, so do please see this as a town archive, which we are curating. 

“We very much hope a solution to this quite serious problem can be found,” he added.

The council resolved to look at what space may be available.  

Dereham's town sign in 1956

Dereham's original town sign, pictured on a snowy day in 1956. - Credit: Dereham Heritage Trust

The trust says it needs space for:

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(1) the original of the town sign 1.7m long, 1.5m high, and a Hobbies of Dereham display trailer 2.5m long, 1.2m wide  

(2) at least 11.5m length of shelf space, deep and wide, totalling 3.5 m3 volume

If you can help, contact Mr Trevor Ogden: