Can you help young Harper get to America for life-changing treatment?

Young Harper. Her family are trying to get her to America for life-changing treatment. Picture: Subm

Young Harper. Her family are trying to get her to America for life-changing treatment. Picture: Submitted by Vicki Cockerill. - Credit: Archant

In her latest column on parenting issues VICKI COCKERILL, from Dereham, writes about a family's desperate bid to get their daughter to America for life-changing treatment...

Vicki Cockerill, parenting columnist. Photo: Vicki Cockerill

Vicki Cockerill, parenting columnist. Photo: Vicki Cockerill - Credit: Vicki Cockerill

When Elijah received his CHD diagnosis we were still in shock when we were dealt with another blow. He had suffered a Neo Natal stroke aka bleed on the brain.

Only time would tell if Elijah would be able to walk and talk 'normally' or if at all.

Not only was I told that my child needed a heart operation to save his life, but that he could have learning disabilities or difficulties. Deep down in my gut I didn't know if I could do it.

Elijah's surgery was a common and well-practiced procedure that had been carried out since the 60s and available on the NHS.

The surgery itself came with risk, Elijah's heart was stopped and put on bypass.

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Elijah met every milestone with gusto exactly when he should or even before.

I see him now, a rush of energy never sitting still for long, and climbing everything he possibly can.

I am in awe of what he has achieved, but sometimes something brings me back to that crushing moment in NICU, when we were ushered into a side room and had two consultants break it to us that didn't know what Elijah's future would hold.

Elijah taking his first steps is etched in my mind, one of my proudest moments as a parent.

Every little detail was savoured as I never wanted to forget it.

But, what would you do if your child didn't take their first steps when they were supposed to?

What would you do if there was a chance that your child could, but it would include fundraising a life changing amount of money and flying to America, would you?

Can you really put a price on your child's future? Their quality of life?

No matter how slim wouldn't you grab that chance and do everything you possibly can to achieve it?

Any parent would, but it is something not that many must face.

It is something that Norwich local mum Tasha Sharrocks is current facing with her daughter Harper.

I connected with fellow NICU Mum Tasha via Instagram and my blog.

Her daughter Harper is 18-months-old and Tasha and Just 4 Children are desperately hoping they can raise enough money to send her to America to have spinal surgery that is not available here on the NHS.

This surgery could change Harper and her family's life forever, it could give her the chance to walk on her own.

Harper was born with a very rare true knot in her cord which had cut of the circulation to her brain, she was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Bluntly put she would never walk unaided, if at all.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery is currently available in America and they need to raise £80,000 to get her there and stay for recovery with her.

If you are a parent and reading this, can you picture when your child took their first steps?

Please help another parent get that same indescribable feeling as well as helping one little girl be the best she can possibly be.

Donate/ Share/ Visit and read Harper's Just 4 Children Profile even if you cannot spare anything one share, one like, one comment doesn't cost a thing and could make a life changing difference.

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