Irresponsible or common sense? Readers react to Rule of Six on Christmas Day

Do you think the rule of six should be lifted for Christmas Day Picture: monkeybusinessimages/Getty

Do you think the rule of six should be lifted for Christmas Day Picture: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Christmas as we know it has been turned on its head with the rule of six, the restriction which was brought in by the government in September to stop the spread of coronavirus.

As we get closer to Christmas Day, questions have been raised about whether the rule of six should be lifted on December 25 so that families can reunite for the holiday.

We asked our readers: Do you think the ‘rule of six’ should be lifted for Christmas Day?


Francesca Jayne Hart

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“Are the people saying no people with several children? Christmas is all about children and they grow so fast.

“It seems tragic that grandparents aren’t able to sit and watch their cherished grandchildren open their gifts from them on Christmas Day. How horrible for families to think of a grandparent sitting alone at home and not being invited for Christmas dinner.”

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Patricia Mary Anne

“If this is going to be around for some time, we cannot be imprisoned with a rule of six forever.

“Our own common sense should be used. This may be your loved ones last Christmas for different reasons to Covid.”

Nick Taylor

“Should be lifted completely. Everyone should make their own decisions. We should not be controlled.”

Lucy Webster

“I’m a fit and healthy active 71-year-old with no underlying health conditions. I strongly disagree to be blanketed under one coat of over 70s being put in the vulnerable category.

“I’m more likely to catch/be seriously ill/hospitalised/die if I do get Covid, I then most definitely want to spend (what potentially could be my last) Christmas with my family, as it’s my risk, should be my choice!”

Keith Welch

“Yes, lift it, we have all had a bad year, let’s at least celebrate one day with families, eating turkey and being merry. It’s been so miserable, we are all survivors, let’s celebrate this one day we are alive and not one of the 45,000 who didn’t make it.”

Shannon Bocking

“Yes definitely. Covid may be here now but there is still lots of other things in the world that people seem to have forgotten like cancer.

“For some people it will be the last Christmas and in general you never know if you are going to live to see tomorrow so make the most of it now. If people could go on holiday, I can see my family.”

Melanie Marie Ferdani

“Our children are able to go to school mix with teachers and other pupils without masks being worn! So, I think as long as we are all careful and mindful, we should be able to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones!”

Sharon Denniss

“I have a family of six and my mum who lives on her own and has nowhere else to go, she’ll be in her little bungalow on her own. It’s not all straight forward. Don’t have parties or be stupid and take risks but there has to be some kind of leeway for people who would otherwise be alone.”

Laura Bracey

“I am bored of being told what we can and can’t do and being made to feel like a criminal for wanting to have a wander around the shops. I want my family round on Christmas Day.”


Doug Mellon

“Covid-19 doesn’t care if it’s Christmas Day, so the population mixing without restriction would be the worst Christmas present people could give - imagine infecting a family member at Christmas?”

Jenny Smithdale

“We are in middle of a pandemic, mixing massive groups of people is not a good idea. It’s going to be a different Christmas but only for one year hopefully, everyone needs to adjust.”

Paul Slyfield

“If the rule is relaxed for Christmas then it’s pointless having it now as any effect it may be having will be lost.”

Liz Holmes

“I think we should remember the true meaning of Christmas. Welcoming new life into the world and celebrating by giving gifts. Maybe the best gift we can give this year, is to stick to the rules. Yes, it will be hard, but it may just help to get rid of this pandemic. Wouldn’t that be the best gift of all?”

Dan Allen

“No, it wasn’t lifted for Eid. Why should other religious festivals be treated differently?”

Jane Eaglen

“As much as we all would like to see family for Christmas I for one want my family safe and well for many more Christmases to come so it’s a big fat NO from me. We just have to make the most of what we can and remember this will not last forever (well we hope).”

Sally Newman

“No. After all we have sacrificed. Inviting vulnerable people over is irresponsible and shows no care or love for them. Pure selfishness.”

Jim Bloomfield

“Why would you, is Covid having Christmas day off then? 2020 has been bad enough without starting 2021 with another spike.”

Denise Sims

“No, the virus is still with us, any visiting person could be carrying the virus without knowing.”

Julie Wybrow

“Sadly, not if people are dying. We are only here again because people couldn’t stick to the rules.”

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