Norwich man hits out over ‘tyrannical’ manner social workers treated war hero brother

Peter Armstrong. Photo: David Armstrong

Peter Armstrong. Photo: David Armstrong - Credit: David Armstrong

A Norwich man has hit out at the alleged 'tyrannical' manner in which social workers interviewed his army hero brother over his finances.

David Armstrong, 71, raised concerns about how his brother Peter was treated by Norfolk County Council staff after an interview on April 4.

David, who lives in Silver Road, said the meeting was over arrears Peter - who was diagnosed with Parkinson's 15 years ago - had amassed for home carers before he moved into The Hawthorns Care Home, on Unthank Road, three years ago.

But he said not only was the meeting not pre-arranged, but the manner in which it was conducted left his 74-year-old brother feeling scared and intimidated.

But Norfolk County Council said their staff acted professionally, and David account did not tally with their records.

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David said: 'They were tyrannical. On that day Peter was very poorly, unable to speak coherently, and although heavily sedated in much pain. He was totally intimidated, they were very aggressive and my brother was totally traumatised.'

Since then, David said social workers had been back to visit Peter twice but again without prior warning.

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He said he would happily sit in the meetings, as he visited his brother every day, but as there was never a set appointment he did not know when to arrive.

But that he caught a social worker leaving on Tuesday, and told her of his worries. He said: 'I said 'you are completely in the wrong, he's been left distressed' and she said 'yes, that's true'.'

David said Peter served in the 1st Royal Anglian regiment for 10 years and was awarded a bravery medal after he saved the life of an officer in the Port of Aden.

David said: 'Is this the way to treat a sick, vulnerable old man who has fought for Queen and country?'

A Norfolk County Council spokesperson said: 'We are confident that our experienced staff acted in a professional manner when they visited Mr Armstrong and his brother and while we cannot discuss Mr Armstrong's circumstances, the information we have been given does not accord with our records.'

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