Welcome news or too slow? How our readers reacted to Covid roadmap

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Prime minister Boris Johnson announced the coronavirus roadmap on Monday, February 22. - Credit: PA

The prime minister's roadmap out of lockdown has been met with a cautious reaction.

On Monday, Boris Johnson laid out the four-step plan to easing the country back to normality, which, if relevant tests are met, will see foreign travel allowed from mid-May and limits on social interaction dropped entirely by June 21.

We asked our readers on Facebook what they thought of the prime minister's plan.

Many welcomed the news, including Wendy Norman, who said: "Pretty good. Proceeding with caution and in line with the vaccine roll-out."

Christopher Hilton said: "Looks positive, let’s stick to it and hope they are right."

And Lacey Freeman said: "Brilliant news, well done Boris. Lets hope everyone follows the rules to get everything back open on these key dates."

Steph Bowles said it was positive to have something to work towards and added: "Vaccines are being rolled out quickly. Things are looking up. Maybe we should look at the positives of it."

But others were frustrated at the cautious approach despite the success of the vaccine roll-out.

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Keith Snowdon said: "Load of rubbish. They love to dangle a carrot then rip it away (like Christmas). Vaccinate millions then change nothing. Well done. Pointless."

And Chelsea Keeble said that as a first-time mum she was slightly disappointed.

"If children are back at school March 8 why can’t baby groups be restarted in March too rather than April 12?" she said.

"We were always socially distanced, limited numbers, masks etc. It gave me and my baby something to look forward to each week, to meet other mums and to have some social interaction when it can be so isolating in the week when on your own."

And Katie Moore said: "Hardly cautious. Typical of him though. Why send out a huge proportion of society who aren't vaccinated, and keep those who are at home? As if Eat Out to Help Out wasn't stupid enough. School openings should be phased."

Kelly Pounder said she thought the plan sounded okay, but said she was uneasy of schools opening on March 8.

The first changes under the new plans will include schools fully reopening from March 8 and care homes residents being able to have one named visitor who can see them regularly.​​​​​​

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