Norwich man seeks good samaritans after seizure help

A Norwich man who had an epileptic seizure in a busy city street is trying to trace two kind samaritans, so that he can thank them for helping him.

Tom Smith was watching a friend busk in busy Haymarket, close to Primark, at about 3pm to 3.30pm on Saturday, when he collapsed.

The 43-year-old, who lives near Dereham Road, said: 'The next thing I knew, I was crashed out on the floor and two ladies came to my rescue.

'I don't know whether they were together or whether they were two strangers, but they helped me until the ambulance response car got there.

'They then took off and I never got the chance to find out their names or to say thank you.

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'All I know is that one of the women had long, straight red hair and the other had long black hair, and I think she could possibly have had a little boy with her.'

Mr Smith, who has chronic epilepsy, said it was extremely hot and, although he ended up with grazes and bruises from the grand mal seizure, he was fine again after being checked out by health professionals at hospital.

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He said: 'I never got to know their names or to say thank you, but I'm sure they must have got home and said somethng to their families, so maybe someone will know who they are.

'They took the time to stop and help me.

'It's not often people go out of their way, but when they do that they need to be thanked and appreciated.'

Are you one of the two women who stopped and helped, or do you know who they were? Contact reporter Kim Briscoe on 01603 772419 or email

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