More than third of people in Norfolk know someone who has died with Covid

A nurse prepares a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination

14pc of people responding to our survey say they have not had any vaccinations. - Credit: PA

More than a third of people in Norfolk and Waveney know someone who has died with Covid-19, according to our survey.

Close to 500 people responded to a range of questions which aimed to find out how people were feeling about the pandemic, and what its impact had been.

Overall it reveals compliance is high, although opinion on further measures and jabs is divided.

Having spent months locked up at home 90pc of people said life had changed, a further fifth saying the disruption had been "huge."

And with accusations of rule-breaking parties at Downing Street opinion was divided over whether there should be any more lockdowns with 46pc saying they were not in favour of a return to the strict stay-at-home rules.

Of those responding to our survey an overwhelming 74pc said they had had all three jabs.

However, the poll finds 14pc have not taken up the offer of free vaccinations despite a push by the Government amid claims that Covid is now a disease of the refusers.

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Asked how people would feel about further jabs 35pc (including the 14pc that had never  had one) said they had had enough and wouldn't want any more while 65pc said they would be happy to go ahead.

The majority of people (68pc) are doing regular lateral flow tests with 31pc say they do them every week, but the numbers go down with frequency with 23pc saying they do them twice a week, 10pc three times a week, and 4pc every day.

And with mask-wearing again required in certain settings a large majority of 82pc said they always wore face coverings when required, 13pc said they didn't, and 4pc said they had an exemption.

The survey also showed that 68pc of people who were asked if they had had Covid-19 said no. Of the rest 12pc said they had had the virus and a further 20pc believed they had had it but had not had a positive test.

Two per cent said they had had it more than once.

Of those that had had it 80pc said they were "mildly or moderately" ill, 11pc said they were "very ill" but stayed at home, while 9pc said they had no symptoms at all.

When it came to yes/no questions 37pc said they knew someone who had died with Covid, another 38pc said either they, or someone they knew, had had long Covid.

Another 37pc said they did have the NHS Test and Trace app, meaning 63pc did not. 

What readers said:

"It's a two year nightmare, and there appears to be no end to this."

"l feel there's no need to keep any further restrictions in place. This needs to end. I know more people suffering from mental health and financial problems than from Covid."

"As a cancer patient I’ve had to shield and can’t understand those people who won’t have the jabs to protect themselves and the rest of us."

"As the virus gets weaker it will be no worse than the common cold, flu will be more of a problem."

"Both children had teacher assessed grades for their final years in secondary school and a hugely disrupted education. They have suffered more inconvenience and disruption to their lives than us as parents."

"Covid and cancer are a living hell. People not wearing masks and not being vaccinated when they are perfectly able to do so should stay at home and treat themselves if they get it."

"Covid has made me really appreciate all the little things I used to take for granted."

"I am fed up with the government making rules then not sticking to them."

"It has actually had some benefits as has given me more time with my partner."

"I am 73 and feel I have lost a couple of years of my life. I think Covid will be around for some time so we are going to need an ‘exit strategy’."

"I am upset at the prospect of just having to 'live with it'. We could severely restrict Covid with a full lockdown for a few weeks."

"I can't look forward to things anymore because I don't know what will happen. Life is so uncertain."

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