Mum thanks postnatal depression support group by creating Christmas craft fair

Mum Amy Bayliss is planning a family fun day to give back to postnatal depression support group

Mum Amy Bayliss is planning a family fun day to give back to postnatal depression support group - Credit: Archant

After local mum Amy Bayliss gave birth to her son a year ago, she realized her emotional state was altered. Instead of feeling excited by the challenge of motherhood, she felt overwhelmed and overly tired.

'While I was never diagnosed with postnatal depression, the older my little boy got I realized I wasn't myself. When he was born I would watch this Facebook page of women gathering together for events enviously because I couldn't leave the house,' Ms Bayliss, of Thorpe St Andrew, said.

The Facebook page was Get Me Out The Four Walls, a social media platform only months old where mothers struggling with pre- or postnatal depression (PND) could talk openly and plan gatherings together.

The page was set up last summer by another mum, Naomi Farrow from Holt, who had recently given birth to twins and knew what it was like to fight through PND. More than a year later the group has grown immensely, both in members and in number of weekly meetings available.

'It's a group of lovely women who helped me turn that corner and get back to normal. I started feeling like a human being again,' Mrs Bayliss said.

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To give back to the group that has given her so much, Mrs Bayliss, along with co-organiser Carrie Dagraca, is planning a Christmas-themed craft fair on November 19 in Norwich.

There will be a crafts, a soft play and baby disco, face painting, festive photo shoots, hot drinks, a hog roast and holliday treats - 'all part of a family fun day,' Mrs Bayliss said.

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The event will be held in Christchurch Centre on Magdalen Road from 11-4. All proceeds will go towards Get Me Out The Four Walls group, helping more women receive help and treatment for PND.

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