Health and safety stops Guitar George’s TV appearance

He is a unique music act who wows the crowds with his unusual skill of singing and playing the guitar while riding a unicycle - but unfortunately Guitar George's hopes of appearing on a new Sky 1 TV show have been dashed because of health and safety rules.

Guitar George, an all-round entertainer from Drayton, had come home early from a three-month contract as a resident musician on a Mediterranean cruise ship to be on the new programme Don't Stop Me Now.

But about six days ago he was told by Sky 1 he could no longer perform his act on the show which is described as a rapid-fire, high stakes talent contest where everyone in the audience wants to prove they are a superstar.

The audience also acts a judge and jury and unsuccessful acts are literally ejected from the show with the risk of surprise exits via trap doors, horizontal bungees and exploding stages.

'I would have been filming for Don't Stop Me Now on this Thursday and Friday,' said Guitar George, 21, whose real name is George Britcher.

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'But about six days ago I got an email from Sky 1 saying that the stage will be nine feet off the ground and that they were really sorry but I could no longer be on the show for health and safety reasons.'

He added: 'I was on Dancing on Ice before and if I can do my act on ice I would have thought I could do it on this show. I would have liked for it to have been my call whether I took part in the show or not.

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'It is somewhat disappointing but that is life. It is one of those things. It is the life of a musician trying to make a living - sometimes you have setbacks.'

Guitar George, who has been performing since he was eight, said he would have liked to have been on Don't Stop Me Now because it would have been his first appearance on Sky 1.

He has previously been on a number of other TV stations - as well as being on ITV1's Dancing on Ice, he has also appeared on a BBC1 show with Graham Norton and a BBC2 show with Brian Conley before.

A Sky 1 spokesman said: 'Due to health and safety restrictions unfortunately Guitar George was unable to take part in Don't Stop Me Now.'

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• Guitar George will be on Stephen Bumphrey's BBC Radio Norfolk show on Friday. September 16.

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