Have you had 'the worst cold ever' which is ripping through Norfolk?

Taking to the road when unwell could mean you are not safe to drive.

People in Norfolk have reported suffering from 'the worst cold ever'. - Credit: PA

People across Norfolk have been floored by what is being called "the worst cold ever", including UEA virologist Paul Hunter, who says we could be set for a "severe winter".

If you've been back in the office, or on public transport this week, you've probably heard coughs and sniffles emanating from all around.

Lateral flow tests are running low and the number of false positives is increasing as people check if they have the cold or Covid.

Professor Hunter said: "One of the possibilities around the false positives is that the tests are picking up another coronavirus - the common cold - which might be coming back harder."

Prof Hunter, who has suffered with the cold, said: "I think it's pretty clear that we are at risk of a severe winter and not just because of Covid.

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"In terms of Covid, I think we are past the worst of it. Case numbers may increase as we move to Christmas, but I don't think we will be anywhere near the number of hospitalisations we have seen previously."

He said the cold was so severe due to the fact it was the first many were catching in over a year due to Covid lockdowns and mask-wearing.

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The cold has even hit those working at the EDP hard, with numerous staff members off for weeks with the lurgy.

EDP audience development manager, Rosanna Elliott said: "The cold I had was so bad that I thought it was the flu at first.

"I started coming down with it on a Friday and had to spend the entire weekend in bed trying to recover. 

"The congestion was so bad I could hardly sleep but I was ok for work on Monday as I really aggressively rested and took vitamins.

"But my friend suffered for 10 days."

Evening News news editor, Ellie Pringle said: "This cold took me out — I haven't had a sick day in four years but this one stopped me in my tracks.

"I was really worried it was Covid because of how rough I felt — to be honest I think it's just because my immune system hasn't needed to cope with anything in a few years.

"It's two weeks since this cold started and I'm still coughing and feeling lethargic — worst cold ever."

EDP social specialist, Georgie Taylor said: "The cold lasted for two weeks and was just relentless.

"It was so difficult to get over and I found it difficult to do anything.

"I could barely sleep because of the coughing and the congestion.

"It just left me completely floored, the worst cold I have ever had."

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