Fundraiser's anger at state of store's defib

Morrisons is handing out ground coffee. Picture: Mikael Buck/Morrisons/PA Wire

Morrison's in Bradwell have said they will ensure their defibrillator equipment is kept up to date and not obstructed. - Credit: PA

A fundraiser who crusades to set up defibrillators across the region has criticised the state of a machine at a supermarket in Bradwell.

Jayne Biggs, manager of Heart 2 Heart - a charity which has set up over 260 defibrillators across Norfolk and Suffolk since 2016 - said the defibrillator inside Morrison's supermarket in Bradwell was ill-equipped for a life or death situation.


Jayne Biggs has helped set up over 260 defibrillators across Norfolk and Suffolk since 2016. - Credit: Ian Burt

The defibrillator, which is located by the checkouts of the store, is said to have been repeatedly obstructed by staff trolleys.

The defibrillator was using a battery which was dated 2016 - meaning it was a year past expiry - and also had out of date pads.

Mrs Biggs,  said: "I was furious when I saw it.

"There's nothing worse than going to a defibrillator that's dead thinking you have a chance. 

"The defibrillator needs to be checked weekly.

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"It would be better them not having one than having one that doesn't work."

Mrs Biggs said she complained to the store manager and asked for them to replace the battery and pads.

However, when she returned to the store, the battery and pads had still not been changed.

Mrs Biggs also noted that there was no clear indication the store had a defibrillator.

"There's no signage outside, so nobody knows it is there," Mrs Biggs said.

 "Every staff member walks past that defibrillator everyday.

"The defib should be kept in usable condition and moved outside the premises so it can be accessed 24/7."

The Heart 2 Heart Norfolk defibrillator at Ormesby St Margaret Spar. Photo: Heart 2 Heart Norfolk

The Heart 2 Heart Norfolk defibrillator at Ormesby St Margaret Spar. Photo: Heart 2 Heart Norfolk - Credit: Archant

A spokesperson from Morrison's said: "The store has confirmed that action has been taken recently to ensure that the defibrillator is always accessible - the trolleys mentioned have been moved to the other side of the checkouts.

"New pads have also been ordered to ensure that the kit is up to date.

"And new batteries were ordered."

Bell Street Gorleston Christmas window competition. Deputy Mayor of Great Yarmouth who judged compe

Jayne Biggs (pictured with mayor Adrian Thompson) set up the charity Heart 2 Heart after a defibrillator saved her daughter's life. - Credit: Brittany Woodman

Mrs Biggs, who is a lifesaver herself, set up the Heart 2 Heart charity after her daughter, Violet, then aged seven, was not breathing at their home.

Mrs Biggs called an ambulance and performed CPR before the paramedics arrived with a defibrillator to restart her daughter’s heart.

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