Costessey woman raises £13,000 after her mother diagnosed with cancer from washing dad’s asbestos clothes

Julie Sapey's parents, Brenda and Brian

Julie Sapey's parents, Brenda and Brian - Credit: Archant

A Costessey fundraiser has warned women whose husbands worked with asbestos that they too could be affected by the killer dust.

Costessey couple David and Julie Sapey, pictured with daughter Megan, who have raised £13,000. Photo

Costessey couple David and Julie Sapey, pictured with daughter Megan, who have raised £13,000. Photo: Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Julie Sapey has raised £13,000 over the last two years after she was inspired to step up her charity work when her mother was diagnosed with mesothelioma - a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos - in 2013.

She said: 'My father worked with asbestos and my mum would wash his clothes - that's all it took - and it wasn't until 2012 that she started getting short of breath. Women need to know that if their husbands were exposed to it years ago, they could still be affected.

'That's why this year I have decided to support both the Priscilla Bacon Lodge and the Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma Support Group at the Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital.'

Three years ago Joyce Harding, 78, from Lowestoft received an six figure out-of-court settlement after being diagnosed with the disease.

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Similarly to Mrs Sapey's mother, Joyce Harding also developed the asbestos-related Cancer by shaking the dust off her husband's clothing.

Julie Sapey began fundraising after her father's death from leukaemia in 2005. She said: 'Raising money kept my mind busy and now it has become about keeping my father's memory alive.'

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After her mother's diagnosis, she founded the B&B Annual Charity Ball, named after her parents, Brenda and Brian, to raise money for Priscilla Bacon Lodge.

The annual charity ball has raised £13,000 in two years for the lodge where her mother receives support.

Julie Sapey's mother, Brenda, said: 'She has done all this from the heart in both of our names, and for all other patients who will hopefully benefit.

'I am so very proud of her and I know her father would be too.'

Mrs Sapey's husband, David, said: 'She puts in so much hard work, we went to a support meeting it was heartbreaking to see cancer patients sitting on hard wooden chairs, it's things like this that spur her to keep going.'

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