A campaign to keep children safe as the coronavirus lockdown continues has been launched by Norfolk County Council.

The county-wide campaign, called See Something, Hear Something, Say Something, encourages neighbours, extended family, those working to provide essential services and volunteers to look out for Norfolk’s children.

It asks communities, while the majority of schools, nurseries and colleges are currently closed and pressure at home may be greater, to watch out for signs a child may not be safe and is backed by the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership.

These signs may include:

· aggressive or repeated shouting

Eastern Daily Press: John Fisher, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for children's services. Pic: Norfolk County Council.John Fisher, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for children's services. Pic: Norfolk County Council. (Image: Norfolk County Council)

· hearing hitting or things being broken

· children crying for long periods of time

· very young children left alone or outdoors by themselves

Sara Tough, executive director of children’s services, said: “These are difficult times for all of us. There are families that were struggling with health problems, financial issues, domestic abuse and other challenges before the Covid-19 outbreak and they will be feeling the pressure even more intensely now. We are here to help. If you are concerned about a child, please contact us.”

Norfolk County Council is currently recruiting social workers returning to the profession and those with at least one-year’s experience to increase frontline support.

John Fisher, cabinet member for children’s services, said: “We know that school is a safety net for very many children and with schools closed we want to make sure that those children and their families are getting any help they need.

“These are challenging times and the public sector is busy responding to the pandemic but I don’t want people to think we are too busy to help those that need us. If you are worried about a child, please do call us. If you see something or hear something, say something.”

Anyone with concerns about a child or family, should contact the County Council on 0344 800 8020. In an emergency contact the police on 999. In a non-emergency the police can be contacted on 101.

Any children that need help can also call Childline on 0800 1111 .