A new clinic has launched in Norwich to focus on men’s health, including male hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging treatments and erectile dysfunction.

Dr Gary Horn, consultant plastic surgeon and men’s health expert, answers some of the questions he is most frequently asked:

Q: What are the benefits of attending a specialist men’s clinic?

We are able to focus on men’s health as a whole as we have a more comprehensive understanding of how the whole body is working and how we can make it better. If someone comes to me for liposuction, for example, I can ask them about why they think they have so much fat and find out more about their diet and look into their hormone levels. Some products work better for men or for women – they are two different types of patient and need specific advice and treatment.

Eastern Daily Press: A patient of Dr Gary Horn, pre-reshaping operation and post-operation.A patient of Dr Gary Horn, pre-reshaping operation and post-operation. (Image: Dr Gary F. Horn)

Q: What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

There are different causes. I look into lifestyle, weight and whether someone smokes, for example. As well as conducting a physical examination, I might end up ordering blood tests and checking testosterone levels. The problem might be neurological or vascular, where vessels in the penis have become smaller. This is often is the first sign of having a more general cardiovascular problem, which could go on to affect the heart or other vessels in the body. I may therefore need to refer this person to a cardiologist. Erectile dysfunction can also follow prostate surgery, or it can be a psychological issue.

Q: How can I improve my erectile dysfunction?

There was a time when Viagra was one of our only options, but now we can also treat erectile dysfunction with low-intensity shock waves and that can be used alone or combined with injections of stem cells which is becoming quite popular.

Q: Is male hormone therapy safe?

Yes, absolutely. But you don’t give it without carrying out certain checks. It starts with a questionnaire; then a physical examination and then, of course, there is a blood test to assess different things, including testosterone levels, which can then be managed with oral or injectable applications.

Eastern Daily Press: Dr Gary Horn, consultant plastic surgeon and men’s health expert.Dr Gary Horn, consultant plastic surgeon and men’s health expert. (Image: Dr Gary F. Horn)

Q: What are the signs that I might need hormone replacement therapy?

Feeling tired all the time; not being able to complete different activities or do sport; having problems concentrating and not being able to finish tasks can all be signs that you may need hormone replacement therapy. There can be sleeping issues, a reduction in libido or problems maintaining a proper erection. The majority of men requiring hormone replacement therapy will be over 50 but anyone from 20 to 80 can have an assessment.

Q: What is the best anti-aging treatment for men?

Apart from hormone replacement therapy and the other supplements that go along with it, peptides etc, as a plastic surgeon I can offer non-surgical treatments such as facial injections, including fillers and botox, and maybe different types of cream to maintain and restore texture of the skin. On the surgical side, I can offer eyelid surgery, facelifts, rhinoplasty and hair transplants.

Q: What other treatments do you offer?

I have a reshaping clinic for men. Apart from looking at exercise and diet, I also offer surgery such as scar revision or laser liposuction and high definition liposuction for people who want to look more athletic. I can carry out tummy tucks and body lifts, when patients have had massive weight loss and can offer implants, ranging from pectoral implants to calf, buttock and bicep implants.

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