A Norfolk hospital has launched a new campaign to help patients get a better night’s sleep while in its care.

The new initiative named Helping you Sleep Healthier (HUSH) has introduced a ‘hospital at night’ mode at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, which brings in changes to reduce noise at night such as lowering voices, dimmed lighting, and reducing the usage of electronic devices.

Emma Harrison, patient experience and public involvement lead at QEH, said: “Sleep is important for recovery and general wellbeing, and it is therefore essential that we are all doing what we can to help our patients to sleep whether it is turning off lights at an agreed time, keeping our voices down or turning the volume down on ward phones.

“Hospital environments are by their nature busy but that is not to say that we can’t do our best to support our patients to have a good night’s rest to help them to recover from their reason for being in hospital and benefit their overall wellbeing."