We all know our NHS is under unprecedented strain - but our reporters need to hear the personal experiences of you, our readers.

Despite heroic efforts from NHS staff, patients face record waiting times for both physical and mental health problems, and many report difficulties or delays seeing a GP or dentist.

Within the organisation there are staff shortages, stress and sickness among an exhausted workforce.

All these issues existed before Covid but the pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated them like never before.

The Archant Investigation Unit is taking an in-depth look at what the current crisis means for the NHS across the east of England. We will seek to understand the situation facing patients and staff, interview key decision-makers and consider how the NHS can survive in a post-Covid world.

We need to hear from YOU - staff, patients, parents, family and friends of those who have been physically or mentally ill over the last 18 months.

Please provide some details by filling out the form below, and one of our reporters will follow up your submission. Anonymity where requested will be protected. Access to information provided is limited to a three-person team including Norfolk investigations reporter Joel Adams and Suffolk investigations reporter Emily Townsend.

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