10 ways a personal alarm system can help you stay safe at home

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Feel confident and safe at home, knowing help is on hand if you need it - Credit: Lifeline24

Discover how you can get help quickly, stay safe at home and reassure your loved ones.  

Samuel Gay, from Lifeline24 in Norwich, shares his top ten reasons to install a personal alarm system:

1. Peace of mind

Our personal alarm systems provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. If there’s an accident or emergency, you can press the button on your pendant and call for the help you need.   

Family members will know you are being looked after, even if they can’t visit or live far away. If anything happens, we’ll notify your loved ones immediately. Even if you never use your alarm, it can be of great comfort to know it’s there. 

2. Continue living independently   

Personal alarms can provide security for those who live alone. Alarm-linked smoke detectors will notify us if there’s a fire in your home. We’ll quickly dispatch emergency services to help you escape the property safely.   

Fall detectors will automatically contact our response centre if you have a fall. We’ll check in with you to see if further help is needed.  

Our GPS pendant allows us to locate where you are, even if you’re pottering in the garden or have gone out for a walk. When you raise the alarm, we can find you and send help to your exact location right away. 

3. Round the clock support   

Our team of TSA – accredited, qualified call handlers are available 24/7. They can assess your situation and take appropriate action quickly, offering reassurance throughout. 

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'The MyAmie pendant is easy to use, comfortable to wear, lightweight and waterproof.' - Credit: Lifeline24

4. Discreet and stylish pendant  

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Your alarm system is linked to a pendant that you can wear around your neck or wrist.  

The MyAmie Pendant is small, lightweight and discreet. It’s comfortable to wear and works up to 100 metres away from the alarm base unit. The pendant is waterproof and can be worn in the bath or shower. Its impressive 7-year battery life means it doesn’t need charging. 

5. It can ease pressure on the NHS   

Those who have a personal alarm system in place can often return home from hospital more quickly. This helps to free up much-needed hospital beds. In some cases, personal alarms can even help to prevent hospital admissions – an alarm ensures you can receive help as quickly as possible after an accident or medical emergency. 

Your Lifeline Alarm provides 24-hour support with minimal disruption to your routine.  

Elderly lady holding a red kettle

A personal alarm system can help you stay safe at home - Credit: Lifeline24

6. Specifically designed for the elderly, frail and disabled   

We recommend our Lifeline Alarm service for anyone who suffers from a medical condition or disability. It’s helpful for those at risk of a fall, who suffer from heart problems, arthritis, high blood pressure or osteoporosis.   

If you suffer from a long-term medical condition, you can qualify for VAT exemption on our personal alarm systems.  

7. It’s easy to use   

All our alarm systems are simple to set-up. You can plug the base unit into your landline and your alarm will automatically be connected to our Response Centre. If you don’t have a landline, we’d recommend the GPS alarm which works via a SIM card. 

8. Excellent reviews   

We are the UK’s leading personal alarm provider. 96pc of our customers recommend our services and rate us 4.8 on Trustpilot. Explore online testimonials to see what our previous clients have to say. 

9. Flexible payment plan   

You can sign up for a monthly or an annual plan. Choose from a range of services to find the best plan that suits your needs and budgets.   

10. Quick and simple to join   

You can order your Lifeline Alarm system online or over the phone. You’ll receive the equipment you need with free next-day delivery. Once your alarm is connected, we’ll call you to test everything works perfectly. Then your alarm is ready for use. We’ll be on hand any time of the day or night to ensure you have the care you need.   

Visit lifeline24.co.uk to find out more about our life-saving personal alarms or to order your own. Use the code EDP35 for £35 off of your order.

Call us on 0800 999 0400 or email info@lifeline24.co.uk to chat to one of our friendly advisers.

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