Have you seen what you could win if West Norfolk’s new lottery gets the go-ahead?

West Norfolk council is launching its own lottery. Picture: Ian Burt.

West Norfolk council is launching its own lottery. Picture: Ian Burt. - Credit: IAN BURT

You could win thousands if you hit the jackpot on West Norfolk's new lottery.

Borough councillors agreed earlier this year to launch their own lottery. Now councillors are set to vote on who will run it.

A report to its environment and community panel, which meets next Tuesday, says: 'A local authority lottery has the potential to raise additional funds for the voluntary and community sector in the borough, at no ongoing costs to these groups and minimal expenditure to the council itself.'

It suggests the council employ Gatherwell Ltd, which runs lotteries for 14 other councils, to operate the draw.

Details of how the proposed lottery would operate are included in the report. It says each £1 ticket would have a one in 50 chance of winning. Prizes would range from three extra tickets, for matching two numbers, to £25 for three numbers, £250 for four, £2,500 for five and £25,000 for matching all six.

Players must buy tickets in blocks covering a month's draws, which would take place each Saturday. Some 60pc of the ticket price would go to local good causes, 20pc to the prize fund, 17pc to the management company and 3pc VAT.

'Potential players of the local lottery on visiting the website can select a beneficiary from a list of good causes and charities,' says the report. 'Alternatively they can join the lottery without specifying a particular good cause and with the money distributed by the council via its current grants small financial assistance application process.'

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The report to councillors says there would be set up, licensing and marketing costs of £7,000.

It adds: 'The potential income from the lottery is difficult to quantify at this time.

'The Aylesbury Vale lottery has been operating since November 2015

and is selling around 2,500 tickets and generates annual income for

good causes of about £70,000.

'Mendip District Council launched their lottery in March 2017 and they sell around 500 tickets with estimated income of £16,000 being raised for good causes.'

The report adds so far neither council has had to pay out a jackpot.

It calls on the council's cabinet to recommend the full council approves the lottery, which would take around 16 weeks to set up.