Have you seen Lola the bus travelling cat?


Lola the cat is well known amongst bus drivers in Spixworth.

The two-and-a-half-year-old feline is often spotted trying to catch a ride with other passengers.

But after slipping on the First Bus number 13 at Ivy Road unnoticed, Lola has been separated from her family for almost two weeks.

Since then, owner Tracey Glover has been sent sightings of Lola on other buses or at bus stops around the city.

Ms Glover, 45, said that her pet is a 'very friendly and very loving' cat.

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She added: 'She walks to school with me every morning and waits at the school to come back with me. If there is a school disco she wants to be involved.

'Sometimes if she has been out overnight she will try to get on the bus but the majority of the bus drivers know her and put her off.'

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After black and white Lola disappeared on March 17, Ms Glover, who lives on Julian Road, started appealing for information on Facebook.

A picture uploaded to the site gained attention and Ms Glover quickly received a message from a passenger who had seen Lola being shooed off the bus at Constitution Hill in Norwich.

Although the drivers at First insist they haven't seen her, Ms Glover has also received sightings of Lola at bus stops on Angel Road and Dogwood Road in Norwich.

The family cat is not only being missed by her mum - Ms Glover's three children, Will 13, Ben, 11, and Anna, 6, are also keen to see their pet return.

'They just keep asking where she is – the first thing Ben asks when he gets in from school is where is she, have you heard any news', Ms Glover said.

The mother of three - four if you include Lola's kitten Taluluah - bought Lola when she was going through a hard time.

Ms Glover said: 'Lola is my everything. When my husband left I went through a tough time. She's my constant companion – I will do whatever I can to get my cat back, she is part of my family.'

Lucy Langton, 38, who lives on Ivy Road said: 'Tracey is absolutely desperate to get Lola home – she's such a lovely and friendly cat.'

Lola is wearing a gold collar. If you have seen her, contact Ms Glover on 07563690760.

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