Have you lost a peacock in Norwich?

Have you lost a peafowl in Norwich? Picture: Martine Kirkbride

Have you lost a peafowl in Norwich? Picture: Martine Kirkbride - Credit: Archant

A Norwich woman got an unexpected wake up call this morning when a peacock appeared in her garden.

Martine Kirkbride spotted the unusual bird in her back garden on Cambridge Street, off Unthank Road, at 6am.

Ms Kirkbride said: 'I was woken up by my partner Geoff at 6am who had gone down to the kitchen to make tea only to find this beautiful visitor.

'I watched, photographed and filmed it for two hours.

'I put it on the Secret Norwich Facebook page to try and locate its owner and called the RSPB but there was no answer.

'Then at 8am it just spread its wings and flew to the neighbours roof. It has now moved on.'

The peacock was also spotted late last night by Brooke Pierozynski who posted on Facebook: 'Anyone missing a peacock? Or know someone who is around the Unthank area? Last seen on a roof of a house across from the Co-op!'

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Do you know the owner of the mystery peacock? Email Louisa.Baldwin@archant.co.uk

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