Have you ever been to East Wretham Heath? Here’s a look at why you should visit the Norfolk gem

East Wretham Heath near Thetford. Photo: Sonya Duncan

East Wretham Heath near Thetford. Photo: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Eastern Daily Press � 2011

Located just north of Thetford, off the A11 lies East Wretham Heath, a Norfolk gem worth a visit.

Purchased by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust at the beginning of World War II, the Heath is the oldest nature reserve in Breckland and offers a picturesque insight into the beautiful landscape.

Spanning a massive 353 acres, the nature reserve supports many rare species of plants, insects and birds and also has an impressive population of rabbits which could rival that of the University of East Anglia.

Various meres can also be found at the Heath, including Langmere and Ringmere, which are known as fluctuating meres due to their self-sustaining and ever-changing water level.

These features lend to the area's title as a Site of Specialist Scientific Interest.

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