Harris hawk found after escaping from a Norfolk property’s back garden

An escaped Harris hawk was found by its owners, as they attached a 'lost poster' to the tree it was sitting in.

The bird of prey, described as large and brown, was tracked down at 8am today and took almost three hours to coax down.

The hawk disappeared from a garden in Wood Lane, Burgh-next-Aylsham, Norfolk, yesterday.

Owner Digby Eddison said she was now safe in her aviary.

Mr Eddison said: 'She first flew into expansive woods next to our house and for the rest of the day flew around these woods, but overnight she travelled north about half-a-mile into another smaller wood.

'This morning at 8am my girlfriend Sara was posting lost posters on various trees in the area and stopped to put one on the very tree the hawk was sitting in. It then took nearly three hours to get her down.'

He added: 'I am very lucky to have her back.'

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