Lifeboat crew called out to unusual object find string of balloons

The Howard Bell returns to shore after 'rescuing' the stranded green and yellow balloons.

The Howard Bell returns to shore after 'rescuing' the stranded green and yellow balloons. - Credit: Archant

A lifeboat crew that was called to investigate an unusual object floating out at sea ended up returning to shore with a string of balloons.

RNLI Happisburgh responded to a shout at 4.11pm today (Saturday, June 22), after the Happisburgh Coastwatch had spotted something off the coast.

But when the volunteer crew of the Howard Bell arrived on the scene near Bacton, it turned out to be a 12 foot string of sixty yellow and green balloons.

After a further 10 minute search, the crew found nothing more.

They returned to shore with the balloons and were back by 5.10pm.

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Charlotte Siely, volunteer, said: "If anyone loses balloons or inflatables that then get blown out to sea please call UK Coastguard and inform them of what has been lost."

Anyone looking to become a lifeboat volunteer should get in touch with the station.

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If you are aged 17 or over, physically fit, work or live within 10 minutes of the lifeboat station, head to the station on Beach Road.

Volunteers meet every Sunday morning at 9am and Tuesday evenings at 7pm for their weekly training exercises.

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