Great Yarmouth teenager stabbed neighbour to death, court told

A teenage mother stabbed a neighbour to death with a single stab wound to the heart following an argument and then is alleged to have got rid of the knife, which was found dumped in a bin, a court heard.

Katy Bown, 18, who lived at Stanley Terrace, Great Yarmouth stabbed neighbour 21-year-old Shane Boulton after an argument involving him and his girlfriend Claire Matheson, a Norwich Crown Court jury was told.

John Farmer, prosecuting, said that an argument had developed between Bown, who was 17 at the time, and her friend and Mr Boulton's girlfriend.

'In due course a fight started and the deceased man went over initially to separate them and then it seemed he joined in.'

He said that Mr Boulton had been the 'worse for drink' and said: 'It was a fight you may conclude which had more volume then violence.'

He said that the fight fizzled out and Mr Farmer said: 'That say the Crown should have been the end of it. It was not because the defendant went into her home and equipped herself with that knife.'.

He said she had then gone straight up to Mr Boulton and stabbed him in the heart.

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Mr Farmer said: 'Having thrust the knife into him the defendant than ran off .'

He said she went to a nearby house of a friend and had given the knife to someone who had put it in a bin.

He said that Bown was arrested soon afterwards.

Mr Farmer told the jury: 'This defendant stabbed to death Shane Boulton with a singe stab wound and that is not disputed. What the trial is about is as to what her intent was.'

He said that the jury must decide whether or not she acted in self defence, or had acted while she had lost control or diminished responsibility.

Bown of Stanley Terrace, has denied murder on June 19, last year.

After hearing the opening speech by the prosecution, the jury went on a site visit to Great Yarmouth to see where the stabbing took place.

The trial continues.

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