Council publishes revised bin collection timetable - starting Monday

Bins in snow

Bin collections across East Suffolk and other council areas continue to be affected by the big freeze. - Credit: Paul Geater

Refuse crews on the coast will resume bin collections from Monday after this week's heavy snow and freezing temperatures made road travel treacherous.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has said that black bins will now be prioritised in all areas of the borough, with revised collection dates as follows:

Monday 8th ➡ Monday 15th

Tuesday 9th  Tuesday 16th

Wednesday 10th  Wednesday 17th

Thursday 11th  Thursday 18th

Friday 12th  Friday 19th

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Penny Carpenter, chair of the council's environment committee, said black bins normally due for collection this week will be picked up on their usual days.

She added: "There will be additional vehicles and staff working to help catch up. We will be accepting additional waste alongside your black bin, providing it is securely bagged (not loose), however please don’t put out any side waste until the evening before collections resume to avoid bags being blown around, or ripped open in the meantime.

"Crews will move onto collecting GREEN BINS from last week and this week as soon as possible but not before Tuesday in either case.

"Regardless of your usual collection day, please ensure your green bin is left out from Tuesday though collection might be later in the week - so please be patient.

"If your green bin is full and you’ve got extra recycling, we will collect that providing it is put alongside your green bin in a box, bucket or other suitable rigid container which the crews can easily lift and tip. Alternatively, you can keep it in a secure place until your next scheduled collection day.

"Once either of your bins have been collected, please bring it back in as soon as possible. Any updates will be posted on our channels.”