Great Yarmouth bridge could re-open next week

A main pedestrian route in Great Yarmouth could re-open next week - a month after it was closed for safety reasons.

The footpath on the dilapidated Vauxhall Bridge could be back in use for people trying to get to the town's station and Asda store once a two week survey has been completed.

It was closed on September 29 after one of its wooden planks collapsed.

Today bridge owners the sustainable transport charity Sustrans said an engineer had carried out an inspection and had identified the repairs needed, which will involve replacing several planks.

The repair work should happen by the time of the completion of the two week survey by Norfolk County Council of the whole of the bridge which started on Monday.

The �30,000 survey, which involves 3D laser scanning, could pave the way for a �295,000 project to restore the 19th century Fairbairn-type box-girder bridge to its former glory and spruce up the surrounding area.

If the survey shows the bridge should be renovated the work will be funded by the Fairshare Trust.

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