Grant Holt reveals wish to become a policeman after football

Norwich City striker Grant Holt has revealed he could become a policeman after his playing days are over.

The Canaries number nine believes he would have joined the police or fire service if his football career had not taken off, according to an interview in a national newspaper.

The 30-year-old told how he is still concerned about ensuring he can support his wife and three daughters when his football career is finished.

He said: 'Football is fickle. It's a great job, but the future is always uncertain.

'We have moved house seven times in the five years we have been married.

'You never know if your club will sell you, of what's around the corner. You never know what the future holds.

'You have to save when you can. The lads get good financial advice these days.

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'I might train as a policeman when my footballing career is over.

'I would have joined the police or the fire service if football hadn't worked out for me.'

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