Gorleston teenager in bid to raise £56,000 for volunteer accident rescue service

NARS fundraiser Susan Hart, 16

NARS fundraiser Susan Hart, 16 - Credit: Supplied

A teenager whose father is a paramedic with a volunteer accident rescue service has set herself an ambitious fundraising goal.

Susan Hart, 16, is looking to raise around £56,000 to buy and kit out a car for the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS).

This surprisingly little-known group receive no government or health service funding, but provide expert medical help at the scene of road crashes and other emergencies.

Susan, a former Ormiston Venture Academy pupil, wants to raise money for the service so they can have a car for the Yarmouth area, which she said would mean that more lives can be saved.

Already the volunteers attend more than 300 serous incidents every year, and Susan has seen this first hand as her father, Barry, is part of NARS.

Barry has been a NARS member since 1994 and has responded to more than 1,000 calls in that time.

And his life-saving passion must have passed onto his daughter, who has been a member of St John's Ambulance since she was five.

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Susan's fundraising, known as Project 56, is due to officially launch next week with an online donation page. But in the meantime anyone who would like to arrange a supporting event can email Susan on svhart@virginmedia.com.

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