Gorleston mum praised after rescuing pensioner in freezing conditions

Kelly Slack who found a missing elderly lady lying in an alleyway close to her home. She stayed with

Kelly Slack who found a missing elderly lady lying in an alleyway close to her home. She stayed with her keeping her warm until police and paramedics arrived.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

A mum who found a collapsed pensioner after joining a police search has been praised for her life saving actions.

Kelly Slack came to the rescue of Audrey Nursy after the 88 year old disappeared from her home in Gorleston in freezing temperatures.

With snow and ice on the ground the mum of one covered the frail pensioner with her coat, after she discovered her collapsed on the frozen ground, and kept her warm until paramedics arrived.

And her quick actions to help save Audrey last Friday have now been praised by police.

Inspector Nathan Clark, who oversees policing in Gorleston, said Kelly's actions were much appreciated.

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'This was an amazing act of community spirit and her actions have undoubtedly helped save Audrey's life,' he added. 'In the conditions it was crucial that we found the 88 year old quickly so her offer of help in searching the area was gratefully received.

'We'd like to say thank you for helping and for making a real difference in how quickly she was found.'

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Modest Kelly, who works as a carer, said it was 'second nature' for her to join in the search and was pleased she could lend a hand.

The 42 year old added: 'I just wanted to help. When the police knocked on the door and said the little lady had gone missing I asked if I could help look for her.

'All I thought about was if one of my family or friends were out there someone would think the same way I did, and take it on themselves to go and look.'

Police had launched a search for Audrey late on Friday evening. She had last been seen at 11am and officers were becoming increasingly confirmed for her welfare, especially as temperatures began to drop below freezing.

While carrying out door knocks in the Magdalen Estate they stopped at Kelly's Worcester Way flat, by which time it was thought Audrey had been missing for more than six hours.

Kelly said: 'I went round all the estate, looked in all the back alleys and fields. I went and looked down one last field and went home.

'But something nagged me in my head to go and check the passage so I did and there she was.

'I took my coat off and put it over her and obviously rang the police. I sat there talking to her, telling her she was safe and was touching her face so she knew there was someone there with her, and comforted her as much as I could.'

Police and paramedics rushed to the alleyway at Stuart Close after getting the call from Kelly at around 10.45pm and were soon on scene. Audrey was taken to the James Paget Hospital where she is now recovering.

Since the rescue Kelly, who was concerned that the street light in the alley was not on when she rescued Audrey, has encouraged others to help their fellow man.

'I'd like to think there are others out there that would do that,' she added.

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