Norfolk chef creates the perfect beers to match your fish and chips

David Holliday, left, and Galton Blackiston try out the new beers with fish and chips. Pictures: Dav

David Holliday, left, and Galton Blackiston try out the new beers with fish and chips. Pictures: David Bale - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk chef believes he has created the perfect beers to complement the fish and chips he serves at his renowned Morston Hall and No 1 Cromer restaurants.

Galton Blackiston's Galton's No 1 Lager and Ale complement the crisp batter and seafood flavours served at the restaurants, and were created with local farmers, maltsters and brewers.

Mr Blackiston said: 'I loved the idea of crafting my own ale and lager to match with our foods. And I could not have envisaged the way it has turned out. The beer has been extraordinarily well received.'

To create the right flavour, he enlisted the support of micro-brewery Norfolk Brewhouse, based in Hindringham, which is known for its craft lagers.

And its head brewer Bruce Ash, one of just four beer sommeliers in the region, helped with the recipe development.

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David Holliday, co-founder of Norfolk Brewhouse, said: 'It was important that the beers went with fish and chips.

'The fish taste can be quite dominant, so the beers had to stand up to the food. If you had fish and, say, a pint of Guinness, then the Guinness flavour would be too strong.'

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He said Norfolk-grown, Norfolk-malted Maris Otter barley was sought after across the world by craft brewers longing to replicate British-style beers.

The pairing of seafoods served at No 1 Cromer with beers involved a large number of tastings, and he added: 'The result is beer profiles which match them perfectly - but also work brilliantly with other foods.'

The barley used is grown by the Harrison family in Morston and Stiffkey, and Mr Blackiston chose to blend two iconic malts from Gt Ryburgh-based Crisp Maltings for his brews.

Crisp Maltings then steeps, germinates, kilns and crushes the grain ready for brewing.

Both beers are gluten free and will be sold at Beers of Europe, British's biggest beer shop, online and in-house in Setchey, near King's Lynn.

Galton's No 1 Lager and Ale are included in Norfolk Brewhouse's Christmas gift pack, which has now been launched, and also includes Moon Gazer ales, DewHopper Lager, and Moon Gazer Winter Porter, among others.

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