Further £2m could be needed for case against politicians’ EU claims

Marcus Ball.

Marcus Ball.

A 27-year-old who crowdfunded more than £145,000 to legally challenge politicians and the claims they made during the EU Referendum could now have to raise a further £2m.

Marcus Ball, from Norwich, set up his online campaign back in July following the result of the European Union referendum a month earlier.

And within 28 days of its launch, almost 5,000 people had donated £145,270 towards Brexit Justice – despite a target of £100,000.

Since then, Mr Ball has hired a legal team with the aim of investigating politicians from both leave and remain camps.

But should the solicitors build a strong enough case, he said he would likely need to raise a further £2m to take it further.

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'If Brexit Justice is really about truth in politics then we need to investigate dishonesty on both sides of the political divide,' he said.

'It's an ambitious goal and we might fail, but we have a responsibility to try.'

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Mr Ball said his legal team would now investigate any evidence compiled so far, before appointing barristers to establish whether a case can be built.

He said the defence could have 'tens of millions of pounds' at its disposal, and so £2m would be the 'minimum' to give the campaign a fighting chance.

But he stressed that he would only seek further funding if his lawyers said there was a strong chance of winning.

'My objective is to achieve a series of successful prosecutions against high profile political leaders with the aim of establishing politicians cannot lie to the public,' he said.

Over the weekend, Mr Ball, who has worked unpaid for the past three months on the campaign, secured more than £33,000 in crowdfunding for a salary.

For more information, visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/brexitjustice

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