11 funny moments from Norwich City’s title-winning season

A look back at some of City's funniest moments this season. Photo credits (left to right) Archant/Pa

A look back at some of City's funniest moments this season. Photo credits (left to right) Archant/Paul Chesterton, Denise Bradley, Paul Chesterton, SV Lippstadt08. - Credit: Archant

Here's a look back at some of the most memorable Norwich City moments of the 2018/2019 season.

A look back at some of City's funniest moments this season. Photo credits (left to right): Shaun Hoo

A look back at some of City's funniest moments this season. Photo credits (left to right): Shaun Hood, PA - Credit: Archant

City have really been on the ball this season - finishing top of the Championship and securing a place in the Premier League once more.

It's been one hell of a ride and now that victory has been ensured it's time to take a look back at the moments that made us laugh.

1. The love story of Onel and Argos

There are a lot of reasons why living in Norwich is a privilege, but for winger Onel Hernández the wonder of Argos topped them all.

In an interview printed in a January programme Hernández revealed his love for the store, saying: "I'd never seen an Argos before in my life...We don't have this in Germany."

The interview was branded by some fans as an "accidental Partridge moment", referring to Norfolk's famous comedy character, while others called for Argos to "give this lad a sponsorship".

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Argos were as delighted as fans by Hernández's enthusiasm and sent him a special catalogue as well as hosting a signing in store where fans could meet the winger.

2. The wheel of (mis)fortune

In February, fans were delighted to see Marco Stiepermann washing Daniel Farke's car after falling foul of the wheel of fortune - a training game which offers players the chance to get out of paying petty fines.

Some may say it was a little Krul of the team's goalie to post the footage to social media, but fans certainly enjoyed it.

3. The Office season ticket video

When Norwich City's players were called into action to ensure the Canaries could meet demand for season ticket renewals, players including Alex Tettey, Emi Buendia and Tim Krul were on hand.

The club released an amusingly Office-esque video featuring sporting director Stuart Webber putting the club's football stars to work in the Carrow Road ticket office.

"Morning all, are we happy?," Webber asks as top scorer Teemu Pukki spins on his office chair looking bored. "Good, tell your faces!" the Welshman continues as Christoph Zimmermann gets on with his new role.

There's even a late cameo from joint majority shareholder Delia Smith, as Tettey puts his feet up and declares: "Ah, this is easy!"

4. The premature promotion tattoo

When Shaun Hood committed to Norwich claiming the Championship title more than a month before the final game of the season with a "Champions 2019" tattoo, there were more than a few snickers.

Mr Hood has had the last laugh, however, as his risky prediction came true.

5. Mayor "Mad Dog" McLean

Fuelled by the victory of his team, and perhaps by the potent Mad Dog 20/20 that he was spotted drinking, Kenny McLean announced himself the new Mayor of Norwich on City Hall's balcony during the promotion celebrations.

In his first public proclamation, the Norwich City midfielder tweeted: "I've decided today is now a bank holiday!! Enjoy!!"

6. Spygate

Back when Leeds United were promotion rivals, the event in which they were fined £200,000 and given a severe reprimand by the EFL was an amusing turn for City fans.

The Canaries' ultimate triumph over Leeds may well show that cheats never prosper.

7 Lambert goes bananas

Perhaps it isn't healthy to hold a grudge, but many fans were delighted when former Norwich City boss Paul Lambert was sent off after a furious brawl during the Norwich and Ipswich derby at Carrow Road in February.

It can't have hurt the home fans' spirits that City went on to win the game 3-0 too.

8. Onel and the 2p machines at Hemsby

Just when you thought Argos-loving Norwich City winger Onel Hernandez couldn't get more down to earth he was spotted celebrating his goal against Middlesbrough in April in his own style.

Instead of hitting glitzy casinos the Cuban-born German chose to have a ball on the 2p slot machines in seaside Hemsby, a haven for trippers looking for traditional fun on a budget.

9. Pukki's haircut

The promise of victory can inspire people to make bold choices as Teemu Pukki demonstrated when he put the fate of his hair in his teammates' hands on the condition of City finishing top.

He said: "I promised Grant (Hanley) and Kenny (McLean) that if we were champions they could do what they wanted to my hair, and this is what came out," beamed Pukki – with both sides of his head shaved and a strip of blonde hair in the middle.

10. The promotion bus breaking down

City didn't park the bus this season but the special yellow double-decker the club were supposed to ride on did have to be abandoned for a sightseeing bus when it broke down during the promotion parade on Monday.

No amount of technical difficulties could dampen fans' spirits however, as a 50,000 strong crowd revelled in the party atmosphere.

11. Farke on a horse

Four words that have become a Carrow Road legend this season.

While some claim to be able to explain the origin of the chant, tracing it back to some awkward photos of the Norwich boss doing a mounted lap of honour at his former club, there is not much use trying to make sense of the Farke on a horse phenomenon.

Just go with it - it may even have been City's lucky chant.