Funeral home will help pets

Charlene Harvey, left, and Marion Baynton, from Rosedale, getting ready for a big year of fundraisin

Charlene Harvey, left, and Marion Baynton, from Rosedale, getting ready for a big year of fundraising. Picture: ROSEDALE - Credit: Archant

Animal charities will be the focus of this year's fundraising efforts at an Attleborough funeral home.

Events planned as part of Rosedale Funeral Home's 'animal cracker' themed year include a walk of remembrance and dog show, pet-friendly memorial service and quiz nights featuring rounds filled with animal facts.

The funeral home, which supports a different charity each year, will this year pass on profits from fundraising events to animal charities.

Mark Hall, the funeral administrator, said: 'There are currently 57 million pets living in 40pc of UK households and the companionship of animals can provide significant physical, emotional and psychological benefits to the lonely and bereaved.

'Grief and loneliness can lead to a reluctance to leave the house or care for oneself.

'We have previously fundraised for the Dog's Trust at Snetterton and Feline Cat Care and we recognised that whilst they have many animals that they need to rehome, we have daily contact with bereaved people who are often lonely, and we want to explore ways in which we can bring the parties together.

'Not only has playing with a cat or dog been shown to naturally elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, but the experience of caring for an animal may encourage you to better care for yourself, as well as provide a reason to go outside and potentially talk to new people.'

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The funeral home also plans to expand its resources for bereaved children to include books on how to deal with the loss of a pet, which is often a child's first experience with death and dying.

Staff will also be promoting the Dog's Trust canine care card and the Cats Protection's Cat Guardians scheme.

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